A free AB test results dashboard for Optimizely or VWO

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Easily scroll through multiple
AB tests and goals

We were tired of clicking in and out of test pages to see results. Here you can scroll through all tests and goals easily.

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Dashboard Results Screenshot

Simple, Scannable Results

We color coded conversion changes and statistical signifiance so you can easily see how tests are doing with a glance.

Formatted beautifully for mobile

Most AB test software is not formatted for mobile. Our dashboard is. If a client or boss asks you about a test result, you can pull it up instantly on your phone.

Mobile Dashboard Screenshots
Client functionality

Results from multiple accounts in one place

We were tired of logging in and out of multiple accounts. Hook up multiple accounts to your dashboard and switch between them without logging in and out.

100% Free. 100% Private. We will never see the results of your tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

We built this for ourselves since we run hundreds of AB tests every year, and simply want to share it with the community. We don’t think the CRO market is big enough for it to make sense to charge for this, so we figure sharing it with the community for free is better to just make friends and build relationships with CRO teams, UX designers, product teams, and anyone doing AB testing.
Yes. Just enter it in this feature request form:
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Yes. Just enter it into this feature request form:
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Yes, just fill in this form:
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Yes, you can learn more about our ecommerce CRO agency here. If you’re not ecommerce (SaaS, Media, Other) feel free to fill the form anyways and we can figure out the best way to help you.