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There are two types of people. Those that talk about marketing and those that freaking know what they are doing and get real tangible results. Devesh gets results. He makes the entire process painless.

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About Devesh

Devesh Khanal

I focus on two types of digital marketing:

1) Increasing the email opt-in rate of high-traffic, well-monetized blogs. If you’re monetizing your email list and want to grow it fast, this is for you.

2) Increasing the conversion rate of online businesses. If you have an online business getting over 8,000 uniques per month and want to convert more visitors into customers, this is for you.

I have a Ph.D. in engineering from U.C. Berkeley and have worked with many online businesses.

If you want discuss working with me, email me.

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Get more sales, more leads, and more subscribers.


All of my services are aimed at helping you increase your conversions in some way: more revenue per visitor, more email subscribers per visitor, or more leads from content marketing or a conversion-driven web design.

To see if your company would be a good fit for any of these services, simply text me using the chat box on the bottom right (it goes straight to my phone or computer and we can get to talking in no time). Or click the “Let’s Discuss” button above and answer the questions I send to you.

Conversion Optimization

conversion optimization

This is my flagship service.

My team and I will increase your revenue, leads, or sign ups per visitor. We do this through user research, a deep dive into your analytics, setting up proper analytics, and A/B testing.

We find browser bugs and other conversion killers. We conduct on site and existing customer surveys and interviews to understand user psychology. We iterate tests and hone in hypotheses until we deeply understand your users and can create variations that improve your conversion rate.

This is ideal for businesses that:

  • Get 10,000+ uniques per month (ideally 30,000+)
  • Make $30,000+ per month in revenue from their website (ideally $100,000+)

Email List Building

email list growth

We will grow your email list — often times dramatically.

We do this through user research, industry research, traffic flow analysis, and by deploying a variety of advanced email capture and conversion strategies.

This is ideal for businesses that:

  • Already Get 10,000+ unique visitors per month
  • Already have an active content marketing campaign (blog or equivalent)
  • Are monetizing or will monetize their email list.

Content Marketing That Converts


This might be my favorite service. We will be your content marketing team. We will develop, write, and market your company’s blog using proven content models learned from working with elite content marketers such as Backlinko, Sujan Patel, and Videofruit. We’ll use our deep conversion expertise to convert that traffic into email subscribers and send them through carefully crafted email drip campaigns to nurture raw leads into hot leads: subscribers that are ready to talk to your inside sales team or buy your intro products.

This is ideal for businesses that:

  • Have a proven, profitable business model ($0.5 = $1MM+ in annual revenue)
  • Or have venture or other capital in lieu of product revenue
  • Have a clear understanding of their target audience

Conversion-Driven Web Design

website design

For companies that don’t have the required traffic or resources for A/B testing, we also do full site redesigns based on user research and conversion principles. Using our knowledge of how to survey and understand user intent combined with designing for conversions, we will build or rebuild your SaaS marketing site (we don’t build apps, in case that wasn’t obvious), ecommerce store, blog based site, or standalone landing or sales pages.

This is ideal for business that:

  • Aren’t ready for a complete conversion optimization campaign
  • Want to design or redesign their site
  • Have a proven business business model or significant investor funding

Brian Dean Backlinko

When I need help on an important project — whether it’s A/B testing, a product launch or newsletter content — I turn to Devesh.

Brian Dean

Email list building: Backlinko

149% increase in clicks. 63% increase in sign ups. Thousands of new email opt-ins per year.


Backlinko, founded by Brian Dean, is a premier SEO strategy and education site with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors.

We worked with Backlinko to increase email opt-in rates and producing premier content.

Some notable achievements:

  • Increased clicks to their newsletter subscription page by 149%. Read the case study.
  • Increased landing page signups by 28% then again by 63%.
  • Discovered how articles with a certain call-to-action structure converted 300% better than others. Read the case study.
  • Created one of the world’s most exhaustive conversion optimization tactic libraries. According to Moz, in 9 months it received over 385 backlinks and 3,000 social shares. Explore it here.

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SaaS Conversions: Wedbuddy

139% increase in free trial clicks, 73% increase in sign ups.

conversion optimization saas wedbuddy

Wedbuddy is a wedding website startup that was looking to increase their free trial sign ups. With some strategic changes to their home page, we increased clicks on the home page by 139% and free trial sign ups by 73%.

Read the full case study here.

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